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We guarantee a perfect match for both you and the cleaners, as well as the highest level of satisfaction. We offer complete Commercial Cleaning services and our staff are equipped with professional-grade supplies all of our cleaning products have hardly any strong scent or leave any residue.

office space
Clean Bathroom

deep cleaning

At County of Kings Cleaning, we offer detailed cleaning services that will get into those hard-to-reach areas and eliminate tough-to-find dust and dirt. We are ready to give you back your free time whether you're looking for energizing deep cleaning or keeping your home sparkling.

Gas Stove


Get your home appliances cleaned and polished the right way! From kitchen appliances to laundry room appliances, we can take care of anything within seconds. We Prolong the life span of your day-to-day appliances and enjoy an easy trouble-free experience with appliance cleaning and servicing from the County of Kings Cleaning.


Our house cleaning services cover every inch of your space. We can freshen up your house and ensure you have the beautiful and clean home you deserve. We ensure that the individuals we hire, and those that you have in your home, are truly dedicated to providing you with a job well done.

Kitchen Interior

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